Participate in TorPlus network

You can start a TorPlus node yourself, or host a website on TorPlus and earn money, Check TorPlus’ GitHub page ( for details.

Operations on TorPlus are paid in TorPlus Tokens (TPT –

Users may obtain tokens either from TorPlus, Ltd. (the company), which will be provided initially for free and eventually for a fee, or by exchanging other assets available at the Stellar blockchain (e.g. Lumens (XLM), USDC, etc…)  to TPT.

By providing service (directly or indirectly) to these users, TorPlus nodes will accumulate TPTs. In order to exchange TPTs to other currencies, Stellar distributed exchange (DEX) can be utilized.

At the blockchain level, TPT conversion is implemented via two methods:

1. Direct offers made by TorPlus Ltd, or other parties to purchase TPT for other currencies. Offers by TorPlus are typically quoted in USDC currency.

2. Liquidity pools available at Stellar for conversion between TPT and USDC. Liquidity is supplied by TorPlus Ltd and other participants and the spot rate may vary according to supply and demand.  (

By default, TorPlus nodes and clients will use the pricelist below for the various services provided.

Currently (1/1/2022), the price list is as follows:

50MB bandwidth100µTPT (i.e. 0.0001 TPT)
30s attention100µTPT